The story as told to me with a few changes to protect names, reputations etc.

Hi Stewart,

Thought I would drop you a line to tell you what happened last night.

I fly in to Pittsburgh yesterday for a conference. I was followed from my hotel to the ATM machine – had that 6th sense someone was watching me. Got the money out and as soon as it spat my card at me, I felt someone behind me hand on left shoulder and fingers in my right back…. they actually felt like fingers and not a knife or gun!

Without thinking I turned like you taught, scooted my leg behind his, turned, struck him in the groin twice and then larynx and took him down to the floor finishing by dropping my full body weight via my shin on to his jaw. He was out cold. I then pegged it.

Urban Krav actually works!!!!!!!

It all happened so quickly and was literally second nature. Thought I had dreamt it then saw the cash on my desk table this morning.

So THANK YOU, and feel welcome to tell the classes this story. I always wondered if what we train was transferable into real life situations and I can now say it does. It was all slow mo and second nature. I actually quite enjoyed it!!